About us

SProAudio Mastering is an audio mastering and restoration facility located for some years in Brussels - Belgium.

Recently we've relocated to North-East England, where for the moment we provide only online audio mastering and restoration services. 

We do more than just Mastering. We also do audio equipment design and beta testing, as well as audio editing, sound design, mixing re-recording.

 Scroll down to find out more, and get some idea about rates/prices.

We use very fine audio equipment and keep upgrading constantly. The focus points of our business are quality and flexibility. We offer a great deal of options for the different services we provide, and include price discounts for returning customers.

Though for most of our customers from all over the world we use a fixed rate, we can work on an hourly basis, if that suits you better.

Prices start at   £20  / CD title if you choose do to do more than 8 titles with us. Being the friendly type, we will not count revisions for tracks we will be mastering for you, but hope you know what you need, thus avoiding unnecessary revisions. 

We may suggest a remix if we need to typically process more than 6 dB while ‘EQing’, or suggest a ‘vocal up’ or ‘vocal down’ if we feel it will improve the final shape of the programmed material. Don’t feel stressed about it, we always do this gently!

Once you have accepted our price offer, we will send you a pro-forma invoice. 

We will send samples of your project in mp3 format and, if no revisions are required, we will send you the final processed (mastered) file, once your payment has been cleared.

Please don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail and we will offer you a good rate for your project.