EQ - Maselec MEA 2,
Crane Song Ibis,
Custom design mastering EQ
Plugins -
TC Electronic Dynamic EQ,
TC Electronic Eqsat Custom, Sony OXF-R3 based  EQ


Custom design Mastering Limiter,4 x DBX 166XL ( used with Ibis into Analog Dynamic EQ - rarely used )
Plugins -
TC Electronic MD3,
TC Electronic Brickwall Limiter, TC Electronic 24/7 C Limiting Amplifier
TC Electronic MasterX3, TC Electronic MasterX5 48K, TC Electronic Denoise


Mytec Digital 192 DSD-DAC Mastering

Custom Designed A/D based on PCM4222 chip with different input modules, fully balanced, AES out,
44,1 to 192 Khz 32 Bit, DSD 64/128 out, MutiBit Modulator out



TC Electronic Clarity M desktop loudness and frequency analyser

RTW Peak Program  and correlation meter

AKG K812, AKG K712 PRO

Analog Transfer Console

Custom designed proprietary fully balanced analog transfer console - M/S processing, different input modules, 6 insert points hardwire bypassable handwired with Mogami console cable, incredibly clean sound, low distortion, integrated AD card 32Bit 192 khz AES/EBU, the output signal being directly analysed in the digital stream for loudness and frequency artefacts 

 Soundcraft B800, transformers on each input or output, internally balanced routing, fully balanced inserts and direct outs, accurate metering,   M/S processing,modified in order to go for mastering purposes (THD+N O,OOOO7 %).Higher slew rate, internal limiter modified to be cleaner, more precise