What we do ?

DSD Mastering

DSD Mastering, Audio transfer to DSD, Audio compilation to DSD-Disk

iTunes, HDAudio

Mastering based on: digital media files ( wav, aiff ), Remastering of previous mastering projects for media distribution aggregators ( iTunes, Spotify etc ) - Mastered for iTunes

CD, DVDAudio

Mastering for Red Book CD-DA ( CD Format), DVD-Audio ( High Definition AudioDVD )

Restoration &

Audio restoration, dialog editing, Foley effects, Sound Design, Film Stem Mastering

Audio transfer to digital files sourced from Analog Tape, Vinyl, DAT

Mastering for 
Broadcast & Film standards 

EURO Standards

EBU Tech 3341; EBU Tech 3342; EBU Tech 3343; EBU Tech 3344; EBU R128 ( Europe )

US, Canada, Australia

OP-59(Australia ); ATSC A/85 ( US&Canada )


ITU BS.1770-3 (International);TR-B32 ( Japan )

Not yet decided ?

     I take it the person with many options is you, which isn’t that clear from the sentence, so I would rephrase this a bit:

‘If I am new to you, and there are too many options for you to make up your mind, I can help you with this by making a demo of one of your songs.

If you like it, you pay for it and its all yours. If you don’t like, you do not have to pay for it and not use it. Glad to be of service!’